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Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

midatlanticpugMid Atlantic Pug Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to providing for the short and long term needs of abandoned or surrendered pugs. We give rescued pugs veterinary care, a nurturing foster environment, and permanent placement into a loving home. In addition, we offer education to the public on the special responsibilities of pug ownership and the need for domestic animal population control.


What?  Is the Party Over?


Each year, thousands of pugs are surrendered by their owners – OR WORSE – wind up in shelters.  Most of these pugs are GREAT PETS that have simply hit hard times.  While we can’t save all dogs, we do our best to rescue, rehabilitate and find loving, “forever” homes for each and every pug.

“Let No Pug Go Unloved.”