Belly Bands and Protective Girl Panties

Belly Bands

A MUST have for those “little markers” or seniors with urinary tract issues.

Protects your home while allowing your furbaby the freedom to be part of your  daily family life.

Great for taking your furbabie to visit without the worry of an accident in someone else’s home.

DSC00244When Hondo came to us almost 4 years ago, he had spent the first part of his life as a stud dog kept in a cage.  He has always been a “marker”, particularly when cars drive by or he gets overly excited.  Of course when we started to foster, the marking became more pronounced as new dogs came and went.  Thank goodness Mary told us about a belly band early on, and was kind enough to send  me a few.  They have been a lifesaver!  Hondo is otherwise a good boy, so if it weren’t for belly bands, he would have to be crated when we are away from home or can’t watch him closely.  The belly bands allow him to roam the house while we are gone…. okay, well he mostly just lays in our bed while we’re gone, but you get the picture.   I caught Hondo “in action” at a MAPR event at Dogtopia this past spring. – *Dawn

Those who were looking for larger ones for your non pugs – We have them big enough to fit even a German Shephard!

All proceeds go to MAPR

  • Machine washable.
  • A great tool for potty training.
  • We have fabrics in all colors, styles, themes, etc. (Holiday, Floral, Sports Teams, etc.)
  • Adjustable ….to accomodate expanding or shrinking pug bodies.

Place an inexpensive disposable maxi pad or poise pad onto the center of the band or panty to wick away urine and provide odor protection. Change pad as needed. The thicker pads provide better protection.


$11.00 for small/medium (pug size) + shipping

$15.00 for large (over 40lb dogs) + shipping

$20.00 for x-large (large breeds like Shephards, Doberman, etc.) + shipping

SHIPPING: $6.50 for 1 to 5 bands/panties – ships via USPS Priority Mail

Ordering Instructions:

*Forward your PayPal Receipt and the following information to (Email for payment via check/money order instructions.)

Girl Panties (Small and Med)

Girl Panties w/ Skirt (Small and Med)

Girl Panties (Extra Large)

Girl Panties w/ Skirt (Extra Large)

Belly Bands (Small and Med)

Belly Bands (Large)

Belly Bands (Extra Large)

*Note in the comments section of PayPal or in the body of your forward, the following information:

• Furbaby’s measurements around abdomen/waist. (right below ribs, around girl/boy parts – no overlap – we adjust for velcro when sewing)

• Color, theme, etc., preference.

• Mailing Address.

Girl Panties (Large)

Girl Panties w/ Skirt (Large)

SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES: There will be additional fees associated with shipping outside the US. Please email for cost and payment instructions. THIS PAYPAL BUTTON IS FOR US SALES ONLY.

KIPPER-bellybandSince I began fostering pugs for MAPR, belly-bands have become a favorite and essential piece of pug rescue ‘equipment’. They make fostering un-housebroken male dogs much easier and less stressful because you don’t have to follow them around worrying about where they’ll lift their leg next. They are very easy to clean—you just toss them in the washer & dryer. Since I foster quite a bit & also adopted a male pug that still isn’t housebroken (and may never fully be), I like to keep quite a few clean ones on hand for quick changes. I’ve had some pretty cutes ones, too—my favorite was the red “lucky boxers” belly band that I used on my former-foster pug, Kipper, who also liked it soooooooo much that he took it with him when he moved to his new adoptive home. J ~Barbi Cole, a regional foster & adoption coordinator for Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

When we adopted Bebe last summer, we were warned that she occasionally had some leakage. She does. She can’t help it. Bebe is Pug perfection in many ways, but she does have some health issues that can occasionally lead to small accidents. Her bladder has proven to be a little bit unpredictable. Fortunately, we got some panties for her and they catch all the leaks. If I’d known they worked so well I would’ve bought some sooner. We have her wearing a pair at all times now, that way we don’t have to worry about her leaving wet spots wherever she sits or leaving a little trail as she walks from room to room. Plus the panties are easy to care for, they actually stay on, Bebe appears to be comfortable in them and they look cute! ~ Dawn Harter